Thrive Games Discord (THIS IS NOT SPAM!!!)

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Thrive Games Discord (THIS IS NOT SPAM!!!)

Postby xier » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:41 am

Hey everyone!

It's clear that the spam bots and our counter-measures on these forums aren't working, and as such everything has become lost to mass amounts of spam. The discussions we had on these forums were awesome and I'm really glad to have met you awesome folks! These forums are going to be reworked in time with our new website, but in the mean-time I have set up another communication channel that you might already be familiar with...

I really admire the creativity of the people in these forums and I really value all the input and feedback everyone has provided so far. Now that the game is nearing a playable state I want to keep these discussions going and I invite you to join the Thrive Games Discord server -

This is going to be a spot for devs and players to hang out, chat, play games, and more importantly - play Dragon of Legends.

So if anyone still comes here, please head on over to the Thrive Games Discord server:

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